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Top Roosterbank Features

  • Keep track of your hard earned pocket money.
  • Get rewards and win prizes the more you save!
  • Get access to the carefully curated Rooster Shop.
  • A cool community with games, competitions and more.
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  • Keep track of what you give and spend.
  • Teach your children to save and spend responsibly.
  • No deposits, so you stay in charge of the cash.
  • It's safe, fun and educational for everyone!
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Pocket Money Made Easy.

Roosterbank helps families keep track of day to day pocket money saving and spending and helps prepare children for the day when they take control of their own bank account preparing them for the future.
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Roosterbank is fun and educational.

Children can view their balance and make decisions about what to do with their money. This could be saving for the future, donating to one of over a thousand charities or setting something aside to get a treat from the carefully curated Rooster Shop.

Children can also spend time playing educational games or using the Roostie Interest they earn to redeem prizes!

Simple to use and flexible to suit you.

We don't believe that giving pocket money has to be expensive and that it's up to every family to decide what suits them best. We just provide some structure and a helping hand along the way.

Give as much or as little as you want. Give money, weekly, for extra jobs around the house or from Granny. Parents can also use Roosterbank on their mobile to cover sweets and magazines at the shop or for stuff on holiday!
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Safe and Secure

Pocket money on Roosterbank is virtual, so no real cash deposits are required. Parents review and approve all purchases their children want to make and pay only at the point of purchase. The site is also protected by SSL and our team of moderators make sure children are safe in our online communities. is certified by thekidSAFE Seal Program.

What families say

Thanks to Roosterbank there is no more pestering and I have saved a fortune as it's up to the kids to pay for their own stuff now.
Melissa, Monmouthshire.
Pocket money issues used to stress me out no end and now it is all just FUN!
Annabel, mum of three.
By using Roosterbank I SAVE money as I’m no longer shelling out for magazines and other things in an unmanaged way.
James, dad of three.
My children now know exactly how much they have and how long they have been saving for.
Lucinda mum of three.
I love that Georgie is learning to save and budget for things she wants and doing it in a really safe and fun way.
Mandy, mum of two.
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